KM Kundanani College of Pharmacy,Ulhasnagar and Delhi Pharmceutical Trust has beguna pilot project on preparing distribution and studying the impact of provoding "Patient information Leaflets(PIL)". Miss Manjiree Gherat, a faculty member of KMK College of Pharmacy has developed the PIL's (5 for different medicines and use of medicines). These are consumer friendly and with lots of informtion and pictorial representations. PIL's hav been drafted to provide unbiased information in both English and Marathi in a easy to carry three panel folder format.

Twenty five pharmacists in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai will disrtibute these PIL's to patients who purchase that particular medicine for which that PIL has been made. Pharmacists will also orally provide clarifications. Pharmacists will collect feedback from the patients about the PIL and its usefulness in a structured way when the patient comes again to purchase medicines or by talking to them over phone.

This is perhaps the firsttime that such a project is beig done which will provide many learnings on pharmacists role in providin drug information,role of consumer friedly PIL's and improved health care management. The learnings will be collated by the pharmacists over the next 6 months. Please see attched PDF file for the PIL's. Organisations interested in using these PIL's may please contact the Managing Trustee of DPT for further action.